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Stratigraphie und Genese fossiler Böden im Jungmoränengebiet südlich von Kiel

Author Peter Felix-Henningsen, Hans-Jürgen Stephan
Issue Vol. 32 No 1
Tags schleswig-holstein, glacial sedimentation, pedogenesis, soil profile, major element analysis, boulder clay, size distribution, pit section, weichsel glacial, warthe glacial, fossil lessivé soil, eemian interglacial, overlain, micromorphology test, macromorphology test, climatic development, young moraine zone south kiel, tk 25 nr.: 1726, north west german lowlands, clay migration
Type Article Format 17 x 24 cm Licence 80x15
Pages 14 DOI 10.3285/eg.32.1.11 Language Deutsch
Page range 163-176 ISSN 0424-7116 Released 1982-01-01
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