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Das jungmittelpleistozäne Profil von Süttö 6 (Westungarn)

Author Karl Brunnacker, Dénés Jánossy, Endre Krolopp, Istán Skoflek, Brigitte Urban
Issue Vol. 30 No 1
Tags loess, interglacial, aves, pollen diagram, upper pleistocene, pedogenesis, palaeosol, ca, carbonate, dynamics, vertebrate fauna, reptilian fauna, gastropod fauna, karpology, particle size analysis, o-isotope, c-isotope, central transdanubia (süttö), geological section
Type Article Format 17 x 24 cm Licence 80x15
Pages 18 DOI 10.3285/eg.30.1.01 Language Deutsch
Page range 1-18 ISSN 0424-7116 Released 1980-01-01
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Additional material (1)


Tab. 2: Molluskenfauna der Fundstelle Süttö 6.



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