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Ein mittelpaläolithischer Fundplatz in den Basiskiesen der Emscher-Niederterrasse bei Bottrop/ Westfalen

Author Ralf-W. Schmitz
Issue Vol. 40 No 1
Tags paleolithic, saalian, gravel, middle pleistocene, terraces, absolute age, rhine westphalian basin, north rhine-westphalia, th/u, acheulian, artifacts, archaeological sites, fossil localities, mammuthus trigontherii, teeths, tk 4507
Type Article Format 17 x 24 cm Licence 80x15
Pages 4 DOI 10.3285/eg.40.1.08 Language Deutsch
Page range 106-110 ISSN 0424-7116 Released 1990-01-01
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