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Abtragungsmessungen an periglazialen Solifluktionsschuttdecken in vier Hochgebirgen der Iberischen Halbinsel (Picos de Kuropa, Pena Prieta, Sierra de Urbión und Sierra Nevada)

Author Karl-Ulrich Brosche
Issue Vol. 44 No 1
Tags spain, vegetation, actual movement of solifluction covers, quantification, experimental sites, height, snow cover, four high mountain regions, influence of rock material, slope inclination, humidity of experimental sites
Type Article Format 17 x 24 cm Licence 80x15
Pages 28 DOI 10.3285/eg.44.1.05 Language Deutsch
Page range 28-55 ISSN 0424-7116 Released 1994-01-01
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