E&G – Quaternary Science Journal

Vol. 58 No 2: Changing Environments – Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Editor-in-chief Holger Freund
Guest Editor Markus Fiebig, Christine Neugebauer-Maresch, Martina Pacher, Jürgen Reitner, Verena Winiwarter
Editor DEUQUA – Deutsche Quartärvereinigung e.V.
Tags niederösterreich, wien, micromorphology, loess, carpathian basin, pomerania, coast, evolution, holocene, geology, vegetation history, lengyel culture, lower austria, paleosol, amphibolite, langenlois, palaeosols, biomarkers, alkanes, palaeovegetation, aeolian sands, finow soil, fossil soils, late glacial, baltic sea, sea-level rise, coastal evolution, barrier, lagoon, vienna, environment, rügen, geschiebedecksand
Journal 60 pages URN urn:nbn:de:0247-2010082404 Licence 80x15
Format 21 x 29,7 cm DOI 10.3285/eg.58.2 Language English, German
Binding Softcover ISSN 0424-7116 Released 2010-07-10
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This volume of the Quaternary Science Journal (Eiszeitalter & Gegenwart) contains five scientific articles, which were presented during the meeting of the German Quaternary Association (DEUQUA) in Vienna from the 31. of August to the 6. of September 2008.
Already during the meeting in Vienna a broad spectrum of regional and thematic contributions was displayed. And also the presented articles in this volume range regionally from the Baltic sea, over Northern Germany, Lower Austria up to Serbia and from marine Holocene sequences to Pleistocene cover sediments and continental loess.

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