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Cover150_vol66_cover Vol. 66 No 1
Tags germany, glacial geomorphology, Pomeranian Phase, meltwater deposits, ice-marginal valley, climate change, eemian, paleohydrogeology, spring mire, locally elevated calcareous bogs, late Holocene tufa decline, pollen analysis, Doggerland, North Sea Basin, basal peat, Pleistocene-Holocene Transition, hunter-gatherers, niedersachsen, nordwestdeutschland, Elster- und Saale-Vereisung, Stauseen, Beckenton und -schluff
80 pages / English, German / 2017-07-31
Cover150_cover_vol65_no2 Vol. 65 No 2
Tags grundmoräne, quartärgeologie, moräne, sedimentologie, terminologie, sedimentology, till, moraines, diamicton, glacial sediments, Quaternary Geology, subglazialer Traktionstill, glaziale Sedimente, Diamikton, Lithofaziesaufnahme, subglacial traction till, debris flow, lithofacies approach, geomorphology, late glacial, palynology, climate change, alps, palaeoclimate, early holocene, tufa, northern alps, late pleistocene, lateglacial, younger dryas, glaciers, airborne LiDAR, paleohydrogeology, northern Brandenburg, digital elevation modelling, Salt Tectonic, Laacher Tephra, geological mapping, allostratigraphy, climatostratigraphy, exposure dating, deformable bed, 36Cl, Austria, spring mire, locally elevated calcareous bogs
100 pages / English, German / 2016-09-22
Cover150_vol65_no1_cover Vol. 65 No 1
Tags quaternary, interglacial, alps, till, conglomerate, Hötting Breccia, index clasts, weichselian late glacial, valley formation, subcircular esker, kame, ice decay landforms, geochemistry, radiocarbon dating, vegetation history, late glacial, pollen, molluscs, early holocene, diatoms, macrofossils, lake sediments, northern Central Europe, palaeolake, climate fluctuation, lake-level variation
92 pages / English, German / 2016-06-14
Cover150_cover-64-2 Vol. 64 No 2
Tags holocene, pollen analysis, france, human impact, Northern Vosges, permafrost, Cryogenic calcites, C/O isotopes, Upper Weichselian, ice caves, north-western Germany, aeolian sands, pollen, mesolithic, iron age, charcoal, ne germany, dating, OSL, Neolithisation, Bw horizon, Slope deposits, soil formation
72 pages / English, German / 2015-11-18
Cover150_vol64_no1_cover Vol. 64 No 1
Tags periglacial channels, Weichselian periglacial, frost wedges, glacitectonism, paleohydrogeology, talik, Elbe spillway, northern alpine foreland, middle pleistocene, late pleistocene, luminescence dating, Hochterrassen, fluvial terraces, Ice Age spotted hyenas, den types, Thuringian Mountains, Central Germany
52 pages / English, German / 2015-06-09
Cover150_cover-vol63-no2 Vol. 63 No 2
Tags glaciation, vegetation history, alps, 14c-dating, würmian, glacial landforms, lateglacial, Rhine Glacier, airborne LiDAR, high-resolution DTM, Climatic oscillations
52 pages / English, German / 2014-12-19
Cover150_eg-63-1-cover Vol. 63 No 1
Tags pleistocene, schleswig-holstein, pléistocène, correlations, climato-stratigraphic table, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, geochemistry, lagoon, chronostratigraphy, alpine foreland, sea level change, glacial drainage, Rhine Glacier, ice-rafted debris, erratic, bergmound, Missoula floods, Wallula Gap, Lake Lewis, glacial Lake Missoula, Wisconsin Glaciation, Columbia River basalt, Greece, Holocene coastal evolution, XRF, Holotype skulls, bone taphonomy, excavation history of the Zoolithen Cave, new theory about Esper's "great deluge"
104 pages / English, German / 2014-02-24
Cover150_eg-62-2-webtitel Vol. 62 No 2: Environment – Man – Geohazards in the Quaternary
Tags cave, ice age, Ahorn Valley, Alsbach River, terrace evolution, bears, humans, Neanderthals, heavy mineral assemblages; pedostratigraphy; micromorphology; alluvial sediments; Mayan Lowlands; Mexico; Holocene landscape development; barrier sandbar migration; barrier island stratigraphy; ground-penetrating radar (GPR); Amrum; North Sea/German Bight, Late Palaeolithics; Cuesta landscape; Franconian Alb; landslide; earth flow; geomorphological mapping; Electric resistivity tomography; Seismic refraction; tomography
100 pages / English, German / 2013-12-20