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Cover150_titel-e_g-62-1 Vol. 62 No 1: Middle to Upper Pleistocene paleosols in Austria
Tags loess, quaternary stratigraphy, Wels-Aschet, Oberlaab, landscape formation, palaesols, pleistocene, paleosols, micromorphology, lower austria, paudorf, pléistocène, chronostratigraphy, pedogenesis, palaeosol, middle pleistocene, paleoclimate, paleopedology, last interglacial, upper austria, magnetic excursion, rock magnetic properties, clay minerals, vermiculite, secondary chlorite, weathering index Kd, Argic horizon
80 Seiten / English, German / 2013-02-27
Cover150_vol61_no2 Vol. 61 No 2
Tags valley formation, palaeohydrology, depositional change, lake- and groundwater-level fluctuation, mire, lithostratigraphy, river terrace, Younger Middle Terrace, Older Middle Terrace, Reiherbach-Niveau, structural analysis, staircase-position, stackposition, Biogeomorphology, Amazon morphoclimatic domain, Roraima, lavrado, geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Lithologs of Quaternary sediments, morphostratigraphy, sedimentation rate, deforestation, rhenish massif, Field balks, charcoal burning, iron slag
92 Seiten / English, German / 2012-12-12
Cover150_e_g_61_1 Vol. 61 No 1
Tags lake sediments, flood events, detrital layers, microfacies analysis, eastern Erzgebirge, water supply reservoir, late glacial, erosion, sedimentation, alps, Eastern Alps, deglacial, paraglacial, carbonate, grain size, loess stratigraphy, TOC, lower rhine area, last interglacial, pedocomplexes, multi element analysis, luminescence chronology, Lower Weichselian, vegetation history, 14c-dating, H8 Schwyz–Sattel, Steinen, Engelstock, subalpine molasse, landslide area
100 Seiten / English, German / 2011-12-08
Cover150_vol60_no4-cover Vol. 60 No 4: Quaternary landscape evolution in the Peribaltic region
Tags holocene, terraces, Anabranching River, Braided River, lech, danube, alpine foreland, fluvial deposits, lateglacial, valley development, kames, weichselian, esker, Os, Crevasse Filling, climate, Northern Germany, pollen analyses, multi-proxy studies, vorpommern, soil erosion, human impact, till plain, pleistocene, pléistocène, push moraine, structural elements, formation, Belorussia, interstadial, glacial stratigraphy, finland, rügen
104 Seiten / English, German / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol60_no2-3 Vol. 60 No 2-3: Glaciations and periglacial features in Central Europe
Tags saalian glaciation, elsterian glaciation, ice-marginal deltas, normal faults, weichselian glaciation, deglaciation, surface exposure dating, dead ice, moraine degradation, rheingletscher, loess, lower austria, luminescence dating, glaciation, pleistocene, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, pléistocène, chronology, alps, lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, deckenschotter, Rhineglacier, overdeepening, quaternary, landscape evolution
188 Seiten / English / 2011-07-19
Cover150_vol60_no1 Vol. 60 No 1: Loess in Europe
Tags loess, europe, palaeosols, pollen analysis, palaeoenvironment, luminescence dating, pleistocene, pléistocène, weichselian, spatial analysis, germany, palaeoclimate, palaeosol, eemian, Micoquian, climate change, geochemistry, lacustrine sediment, aeolian sediment, chronostratigraphy, molluscs, dating, Vienna Forest, radiocarbon dating, geochronology, Croatia, paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, biomarker, molecular fossil, holocene, chronology, morphology, Pampa, lower austria, middle pleistocene
208 Seiten / English / 2011-06-03
Cover150_vol59-no1-2 Vol. 59 No 1-2
Tags paleoenvironments, pleistocene, loess, radiocarbon dating, holocene, baltic sea, pollen analysis, pléistocène, chronostratigraphy, luminescence dating, isostasy, coastal mires, macrofossils, Rodderberg Volcanic Complex, lake sediments, climate archive, Geoarchaeology, glacial drainage, doline, magdalénien, aeolian sand, Magdalenien, Indicator counts, depiction methods, geiseltal, upper pleistocene, eemian, quaternary stratigraphy, palynostratigraphy, quaternary molluscs, geochronology
176 Seiten / English, German / 2011-01-21
Cover150_cover_vol58_no2 Vol. 58 No 2: Changing Environments – Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Tags niederösterreich, wien, micromorphology, loess, carpathian basin, pomerania, coast, evolution, holocene, geology, vegetation history, lengyel culture, lower austria, paleosol, amphibolite, langenlois, palaeosols, biomarkers, alkanes, palaeovegetation, aeolian sands, finow soil, fossil soils, late glacial, baltic sea, sea-level rise, coastal evolution, barrier, lagoon, vienna, environment, rügen, geschiebedecksand
60 Seiten / English, German / 2010-07-10