E&G – Quaternary Science Journal

About E&G

Aims and scope

Since 1951 the “E&G – Quaternary Science Journal” is a publication forum for the Quaternary Science. It published only peer-reviewed original articles and proceedings. The following and other topics related to the Quaternary are contained:

  • Quaternary geology
  • palaeoecology
  • soil science
  • palaeoclimatology
  • geomorphology
  • geochronology
  • archaeology
  • geography


Editor is the German Quaternary Association (DEUQUA). It is an association of German-speaking Quaternary Scientists. The aim of the association is to promote the Quaternary Science, to represent it in public, to intensify the contact to applied science as well as to advice public and political boards in quatarnary issues.
Furthermore, the association has set itself the task of operating the contacts between the Quaternary Scientists and related organizations at home and abroad.

Thank you for your interest in our E&G Quaternary Science Journal! DEUQUA is happy to provide all its interested readers with online access to its journal. This offer is funded by DEUQUA members. DEUQUA has more to offer than just this journal! We hope to welcome you as a new member very soon!

Peer review process

All submitted articles are peer reviewed doubly before publication. The status of peer review and maybe proposed corrections are visible in the user account of the corresponding author.

Frequency and form of publication

The “E&G – Quaternary Science Journal” is published biannual as printed and digital issue. The printed issue is sold for a relatively small price and is available unlimited by our print on demand service. In the context of scientific open access, the digital issue is free for view and download on the internet.
The accepted papers are published online promptly. The printed issue follows after reaching of a specific number of papers. The design of the digital and the print issue is identical.


  • no author fees
  • online submission system
  • quick publicaton
  • printed in full colour
  • open access to full text
  • multimedia attachments
  • Persistent Identifiers (DOI)
  • rights retained by authors
  • long-time archiving in scientific repository
  • comment function
  • integration of a publication on external pages via widget
  • automatic citation style
  • integration in biographic managements and social media services


For the submission of articles please use our online submission system. Please create a user account, enter the metadatas of the article and upload the files. In your account you can see the status of peer review.