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Instruction to Authors

Basically the manuscript shall be submitted in electronic form and has to include the name and the address of the first author. Please use a standard word processor in .rtf, .odt or .doc-format. As character set please use the standard fonts Times Roman, Helvetica or Courier with 1.5 line spacing and consecutive line numbering.

Manuscript style

The acceptable languages are English and German. Manuscripts in German have to contain an English subtitle, an abstract in English and English keywords. The rules of the new German spelling reform apply to German texts.

Manuscripts should be arranged in the following order:
I Short but concise title
II Full names, full address and e-mail
III 5 to 10 keywords that describe the contents of your paper
VI An abstract of up to 200 words in German and English. The translated abstract should carry the translated titel in square brackets,
V Clearly structured text. For chapter numbering use Arabic numerals.
VI The reference list has to be arranged alphabetically and should be conform to the examples given below.

References have to be insert in the text as brief quotations, the name of the author has to be set in small Capitals, the year of publication in brackets e.g. Müller (2006). If more than one publication of the same author in the same year is cited, identify each citation as follows: Müller (2006a, 2006b). Where three or more authors are listed in the reference list, please cite in the text as Müller et al. (2006). Papers with up to three authors should be cited as Müller & Meyer (2006) or Müller, Meyer & Schulz (2006). If a special page or figure of a paper should be cited, use following citation style: Müller (2006: 14) or Müller (2006, Fig. 14). Scientific names of flora and fauna (gender, sub-gender, species, sub-species) have to be written in italics. Use small Capitals for the author ( Armeria maritima Willd.)

Do not justify your text, use a ragged left alignment.
Do not use automatic hyphenation.
Do not use any automatic formatting.
Do not use pagination.
Do not insert images, tables and photos into the text, it should be added as separate files. Captions of figures and tables in German and English should be placed at the end of the manuscript.


Supply each figure as a separate file with the name of the author. Illustrations should be reducible to a column width (8.4 cm) or type area (17.2 × 26 cm). The lettering has to be easy readable after reduction. Where a key of symbols is required, include this in the figure, not in the caption of the figure. Avoid fine lines (hairlines) and grey-shading/halftones. All figures may be colored. There are no additional costs. For printing all illustrations have to be supplied electronically. Please use for pixel-based images (photos) the .tif-format with a resolution of at least 450 dpi and for vector-based illustrations (graphs, maps, tables) the .eps-format. Greatly reduced .jpg-files or .pdf-files or figures included in worddocuments are not accepted.

References (examples)

Schwarzbach, M. (1968): Neue Eiszeithypothesen. – Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart, 19: 250–261. Eissmann, L. & Müller, A. (1979): Leitlinien der Quartärentwicklung im norddeutschen Tiefland. – Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, 7: 451–462.
Zagwijn, W.H. (1996): The Cromerian Complex Stage of the Netherlands and correlation with other areas in Europe. – In: Turner, C. (ed.): The Middle Pleistocene in Europe: 145–172; Rotterdam (Balkema).
Magny, M. & Haas, J.N. (2004): A major widespread climatic change around 5300 cal. yr BP at the time of the Alpine Iceman. – Journal of Quaternary Science, 19: 423–430. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.850

Ehlers, J. (1994): Allgemeine und historische Quartärgeologie. – 358 S.; Stuttgart (Enke).

Please do not use abbreviations of the journal names.


The contributions to E&G – Quaternary Science Journal are published under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). The copyrights remain to the authors.

Specimen copies

Authors receive no printed specimen copies. The electronic version is available as download free.

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