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Cover150_vol57_no1-2_a06 Electron sin resonance (ESR) dating of Quaternary materials
Tags quaternary, electron spin resonance, dating, geochronology, littoral
29 Seiten / Englisch / 2008-08-01
Cover150_vol57_no1-2_a07 Surface exposure dating with cosmogenic nuclides
Tags cosmogenic radionuclides, cosmogenic noble gases, surface exposure dating
31 Seiten / Englisch / 2008-08-01
Cover150_vol57_no1-2_a09 Application of in-situ produced terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides to archaeology: A schematic review
Tags archaeology, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides, numerical dating
13 Seiten / Englisch / 2008-08-01
Cover150_vol57_no3-4_a09 Timing of Medieval Fluvial Aggradation at Bremgarten in the Southern Upper Rhine Graben – a Test for Luminescence Dating
Tags little ice age, quaternary, upper rhine graben, river aggradation, osl chronology
22 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-04-01
Cover150_vol58_no1_a01 A zero-exposure time test on an erratic boulder: evaluating the problem of pre-exposure in Surface Exposure Dating
Tags swiss alps, surface exposure dating, pre-exposure
11 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-12-01
Cover150_vol58_no1_a05 The partial heat – longest plateau technique: Testing TL dating of Middle and Upper Quaternary volcanic eruptions in the Eifel Area, Germany
Tags thermoluminescence, dating, anomalous fading, maar tephra, xenoliths, volcanic eruptions, eifel volcanic field
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-12-01
Cover150_vol59_no1-2_a01 Relative sea-level development and isostasy along the NE German Baltic Sea coast during the past 9 ka.
Tags radiocarbon dating, baltic sea, ne germany, relative sea-level, isostasy, sea-level fluctuations, coastal mires, macrofossils
18 Seiten / englisch / 2011-01-24
Cover150_vol59_no1-2_a06 Untersuchung einer Doline auf dem Zugspitzplatt
Tags holocene, pollen analysis, Zugspitzplatt, Schneeferner, doline
10 Seiten / Deutsch / 2011-03-07
Cover150_vol59_no1-2_a03 Aeolian sedimentation in the Rhine and Main area from the Late Glacial until the Mid-Holocene
Tags germany, loess, late glacial, aeolian sand, rhineland, OSL
8 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-03-15
Cover150_vol60_no1_a01 Genesis and dating of Late Pleistocene-Holocene soil sediment sequences from the Lüneburg Heath, Northern Germany
Tags loess, palaeosols, pollen analysis, palaeoenvironment, human impact, luminescence dating
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-03
Cover150_vol60_no1_a05 Luminescence Chronology of the Schwalbenberg II Loess in the Middle Rhine Valley
Tags pleistocene, germany, loess, pléistocène, climate change, luminescence dating
12 Seiten / englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a08 Luminescence dating of the loess/palaeosol sequence at the gravel quarry Gaul/Weilbach, Southern Hesse (Germany)
Tags loess, chronostratigraphy, luminescence dating, IRSL, fading, Weilbach
10 Seiten / englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a10 Investigating the chronostratigraphy of prominent palaeosols in Lower Austria using post-IR IRSL dating
Tags post-IR IRSL; fading; loess; Middle Pleistocene; Lower Austria
16 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a11 The Loess Chronology of the Island of Susak, Croatia
Tags radiocarbon dating, geochronology, Susak, Croatia, loess-paleosol sequence, IRSL dating
17 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a02 Chronology of Weichselian main ice marginal positions in north-eastern Germany
Tags weichselian glaciation, deglaciation, surface exposure dating, OSL, Optically Stimulated Luminescence, Pomeranian Phase, Frankfurt Phase, Brandenburg Phase
12 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-19
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a03 Deglaciation of a large piedmont lobe glacier in comparison with a small mountain glacier – new insight from surface exposure dating. Two studies from SE Germany
Tags dead ice, isar-loisach glacier, Bavarian Forest, Eastern Alps, Inn glacier, cosmogenic dating, moraine degradation, Würm type section
22 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-19
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a04 Casting new light on the chronology of the loess/paleosol sequences in Lower Austria
Tags loess, lower austria, langenlois, paudorf, göttweig, luminescence dating, Joching, Stratzing
8 Seiten / englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no4_a01 Jungquartäre Flussterrassen am mittleren Lech zwischen Kinsau und Klosterlechfeld – Erste Ergebnisse
Tags lechtal, holocene, terraces, late pleistocene, Anabranching River, Braided River
14 Seiten / deutsch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol60_no4_a02 Stratigraphy of Late Quaternary fluvial terraces at the confluence of the Lech and Danube valleys
Tags lech, holocene, danube, alpine foreland, fluvial deposits, lateglacial, valley development
11 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol60_no4_a04 The Late Weichselian to Holocene succession of the Niedersee (Rügen, Baltic Sea) – new results based on multi-proxy studies
Tags climate, weichselian late glacial, Northern Germany, pollen analyses, multi-proxy studies, rügen
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol60_no4_a05 Geoarchaeological evidence of Holocene human impact and soil erosion on a till plain in Vorpommern (Kühlenhagen, NE-Germany)
Tags vorpommern, holocene, soil erosion, human impact, till plain, kettle-hole
9 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol60_no4_a07 Middle Weichselian interstadial deposit at Petäjäselkä, Northern Finland
Tags quaternary, interstadial, glacial stratigraphy, finland, Middle Weichselian
5 Seiten / english / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol61_no1_a03 Rhine loess at Schwalbenberg II — MIS 4 and 3
Tags carbonate, grain size, loess stratigraphy, TOC
16 Seiten / English / 2011-12-14
Cover150_vol61_no1_a04 Formation and geochronology of Last Interglacial to Lower Weichselian loess/palaeosol sequences – case studies from the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany
Tags lower rhine area, loess stratigraphy, last interglacial, pedocomplexes, multi element analysis, luminescence chronology, Lower Weichselian
16 Seiten / English / 2012-01-12
Cover150_vol61_no1_a05 Holzreste von spätglazialen Kiefern aus der tiefgründigen und tonreichen Permanentrutschung ‚Spiegelberg’, Kanton Schwyz (Schweiz)
Tags vegetation history, late glacial, 14c-dating, H8 Schwyz–Sattel, Steinen, Engelstock, subalpine molasse, landslide area
5 Seiten / deutsch / 2012-03-19
Cover150_vol61_no2_a04 Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology of Terna River Basin in West Central India
Tags geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Lithologs of Quaternary sediments, morphostratigraphy, Terna River
12 Seiten / English / 2012-12-04
Cover150_vol61_no2_a05 Reconstructing 2500 years of land use history on the Kemel Heath (Kemeler Heide), southern Rhenish Massif, Germany
Tags sedimentation rate, deforestation, rhenish massif, Field balks, charcoal burning, iron slag, Taunus Mts.
16 Seiten / Englisch / 2012-12-04
Cover150_vol62_no1_a06 Paudorf locus typicus (Lower Austria) revisited
Tags micromorphology, loess, lower austria, paudorf, middle pleistocene, paleopedology, landscape formation
14 Seiten / English / 2013-06-17
Cover150_vol62-no2-a02 Holozäne Landschaftsentwicklung an der Westküste der Nordseeinsel Amrum
Tags Holocene landscape development, barrier sandbar migration, barrier island stratigraphy, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), Amrum, North Sea/German Bight
22 Seiten / Deutsch / 2013-12-20
Cover150_vol62-no2-a03 The inventory of archaeological horizon 4 and 3 and the loess section of Grub/Kranawetberg, a Gravettian camp site in Lower Austria
Tags gravettian, cultural changes, raw material, settlement structures, personal adornments
7 Seiten / English / 2013-12-20