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Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a08 Quaternary Stratigraphy of Southern Bavaria
Tags germany, alpine foreland, quaternary stratigraphy, terrace stratigraphy, climate stratigraphy, moraine stratigraphy, Southern Bavaria
37 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a09 An Outline of the Quaternary Stratigraphy of Austria
Tags glaciation, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, quaternary, alps, middle pleistocene, early pleistocene, late pleistocene, landscape evolution
22 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no4_a04 The Late Weichselian to Holocene succession of the Niedersee (Rügen, Baltic Sea) – new results based on multi-proxy studies
Tags climate, weichselian late glacial, Northern Germany, pollen analyses, multi-proxy studies, rügen
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol61_no2_a04 Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology of Terna River Basin in West Central India
Tags geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Lithologs of Quaternary sediments, morphostratigraphy, Terna River
12 Seiten / English / 2012-12-04
Cover150_vol62-no2-a01 Holocene sequences in the Mayan Lowlands - A provenance study using heavy mineral distributions
Tags micromorphology, mexico, heavy mineral assemblages, pedostratigraphy, alluvial sediments, Mayan Lowlands
14 Seiten / English / 2013-12-20
Cover150_vol63-no1-a02 Erwägungen zur Korrelation mittelpleistozäner Relikte des Rheingletschers mit der Nordschweizer Stratigraphie
Tags glacial deposits, chronostratigraphy, alpine foreland, glacial drainage, Rhine Glacier
25 Seiten / Deutsch / 2014-06-29
Cover150_vol63-no1-a05 Holotype skulls, stratigraphy, bone taphonomy and excavation history in the Zoolithen Cave and new theory about Esper’s “great deluge”
Tags stratigraphy, Holotype skulls, bone taphonomy, excavation history of the Zoolithen Cave, new theory about Esper's "great deluge"
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2014-06-29
Cover150_vol65_no2_a2 Reconsidering the current stratigraphy of the Alpine Lateglacial
Tags palynology, alps, late pleistocene, lateglacial, younger dryas, geological mapping, allostratigraphy, climatostratigraphy, exposure dating, deformable bed
32 Seiten / English / 2016-12-14