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Cover150_vol61_no1_a04 Formation and geochronology of Last Interglacial to Lower Weichselian loess/palaeosol sequences – case studies from the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany
Tags lower rhine area, loess stratigraphy, last interglacial, pedocomplexes, multi element analysis, luminescence chronology, Lower Weichselian
16 Seiten / English / 2012-01-12
Cover150_vol62_no1_a01 A stratigraphic concept for Middle Pleistocene Quaternary sequences in Upper Austria
Tags loess, quaternary stratigraphy, Wels-Aschet, Oberlaab, landscape formation, palaesols
10 Seiten / Englisch / 2013-02-27
Cover150_vol62_no1_a02 Magnetic excursions recorded in the Middle to Upper Pleistocene loess/palaeosol sequence Wels-Aschet (Austria).
Tags pleistocene, loess, pléistocène, chronostratigraphy, palaeosol, upper austria, magnetic excursion, rock magnetic properties
8 Seiten / english / 2013-03-15
Cover150_vol62_no1_a03 Paleopedological record along the loess-paleosol sequence in Oberlaab, Austria
Tags loess, paleosol, pedogenesis, middle pleistocene, Oberlaab
12 Seiten / English / 2013-06-16
Cover150_vol62_no1_a04 Grain size and mineralogical indicators of weathering in the Oberlaab loess-paleosol sequence, Upper Austria
Tags paleosols, clay minerals, vermiculite, secondary chlorite, weathering index Kd
10 Seiten / English / 2013-06-16
Cover150_vol62_no1_a05 Last Interglacial paleosols with Argic horizons in Upper Austria and Central Russia
Tags paleosol, paleoclimate, last interglacial, Argic horizon
15 Seiten / English / 2013-06-17
Cover150_vol62_no1_a06 Paudorf locus typicus (Lower Austria) revisited
Tags micromorphology, loess, lower austria, paudorf, middle pleistocene, paleopedology, landscape formation
14 Seiten / English / 2013-06-17
Cover150_vol62-no2-a03 The inventory of archaeological horizon 4 and 3 and the loess section of Grub/Kranawetberg, a Gravettian camp site in Lower Austria
Tags gravettian, cultural changes, raw material, settlement structures, personal adornments
7 Seiten / English / 2013-12-20
Cover150_vol62-no2-a04 Luminescence chronology of the Grub-Kranawetberg site, Austria
Tags loess, palaeoecology, stillfried b, luminescence dating, Grub-Kranawetberg, correlations
9 Seiten / English / 2013-12-20
Cover150_vol64_no1_a02 Chronostratigraphy of the Hochterrassen in the lower Lech valley (Northern Alpine Foreland)
Tags northern alpine foreland, middle pleistocene, luminescence dating, Hochterrassen, fluvial terraces
14 Seiten / English / 2015-06-12
Cover150_64-2-a3 Spätsaalezeitliche und eemzeitliche Makrofaunen aus dem Kliffaufschluss Klein Klütz Höved (NW-Mecklenburg)
Tags molluscs, Saalian deposits, limnic and marine Eemian facies, Belgrandia germanica, micromammals, Lagurus lagurus, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
13 Seiten / Deutsch / 2015-11-25
Cover150_vol66_no1_er1 Age of the Most Extensive Glaciation of Northern Switzerland: Evidence from the scientific drilling at Möhliner Feld
Tags glaciation, pleistocene, loess, quaternary, pléistocène, chronology, alps
5 Seiten / English / 2017-08-02