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Cover150_vol57_no1-2_a06 Electron sin resonance (ESR) dating of Quaternary materials
Tags quaternary, electron spin resonance, dating, geochronology, littoral
29 Seiten / Englisch / 2008-08-01
Cover150_original_vol57_no3-4_a02 Correlation of Pleistocene sediments from boreholes in the Ludwigshafen area, western Heidelberg Basin
Tags pleistocene, heidelberg basin, pollen analysis, pléistocène, fluvial sediments, neotectonics, upper rhine graben
16 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-04-01
Cover150_original_vol57_no3-4_a03 The Pliocene and Pleistocene fluvial evolution in the northern Upper Rhine Graben based on results of the research borehole at Viernheim (Hessen, Germany)
Tags pleistocene, germany, quaternary, pléistocène, pliocene, heavy minerals, fluvial sediments, carbonate, upper rhine graben, cromerian complex
29 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-04-01
Cover150_original_vol57_no3-4_a05 The Heidelberg Basin drilling project: Geophysical pre-site surveys
Tags heidelberg basin, research borehole, depocentre, reflection seismic, gravity
29 Seiten / English / 2009-04-01
Cover150_original_vol57_no3-4_a07 Pleistocene molluscs from research boreholes in the Heidelberg Basin
Tags pleistocene, quaternary, mollusca, pléistocène, upper rhine graben, arvicolidae, stylommatophora, pupilloidea, gastrocoptinae
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-04-01
Cover150_vol58_no1_a02 Stratigraphie und Morphogenese von frühpleistozänen Ablagerungen zwischen Bodensee und Klettgau
Tags stratigraphy, deckenschotter, switzerland, morphogenesis, baden-württemberg
43 Seiten / Deutsch / 2009-12-01
Cover150_vol58_no1_a03 Pupilla loessica LOŽEK 1954 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Pupillidae) - „A living Fossil“ in Central Asia?
Tags central europe, central asia, pupilla loessica, living fossil
15 Seiten / Englisch / 2009-12-01
Cover150_vol58_no2_a02 Pedological and geochemical investigations at the „Red Outcrop“ of Langenlois (Lower Austria)
Tags micromorphology, loess, paleosol, amphibolite, langenlois
13 Seiten / Englisch / 2010-07-10
Cover150_vol58_no2_a05 Coastal evolution of a Holocene barrier spit (Bug peninsula/NW-Rügen) deduced from geological structure and relative sea-level
Tags holocene, baltic sea, sea-level rise, coastal evolution, barrier, lagoon, rügen
10 Seiten / Englisch / 2010-07-10
Cover150_original_vol57_no3-4_a01 Preface: The Heidelberg Basin Drilling Project
Tags sedimentologie, sedimentology, rhein
17 Seiten / Deutsch, Englisch / 2009-04-01
Cover150_vol59_no1-2_a04 Der Rodderberg-Krater bei Bonn
Tags loess, luminescence dating, middle rhine, Rodderberg Volcanic Complex, lake sediments, climate archive
15 Seiten / deutsch / 2011-01-28
Cover150_vol59_no1-2_a08 Mittel- und spätpleistozäne Stratigraphie und Morphogenese in Schlüsselregionen der Nordschweiz
Tags pleistocene, pléistocène, chronostratigraphy, northern switzerland, sediments in overdeepened basins, glacial drainage
32 Seiten / deutsch / 2011-02-23
Cover150_vol60_no1_a01 Genesis and dating of Late Pleistocene-Holocene soil sediment sequences from the Lüneburg Heath, Northern Germany
Tags loess, palaeosols, pollen analysis, palaeoenvironment, human impact, luminescence dating
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-03
Cover150_vol60_no1_a02 Spatial analysis of loess and loess-like sediments in the Weser-Aller catchment (Lower Saxony and Northern Hesse, NW Germany)
Tags pleistocene, loess, pléistocène, weichselian, nw germany, loess-like deposits, spatial analysis
20 Seiten / englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a04 The ‘Palaeolithic Prospection in the Inde Valley’ Project
Tags eemian, Micoquian, habitation features, microwear analysis, hafting, birch pitch residues, behavioural modernity
12 Seiten / English / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a05 Luminescence Chronology of the Schwalbenberg II Loess in the Middle Rhine Valley
Tags pleistocene, germany, loess, pléistocène, climate change, luminescence dating
12 Seiten / englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a08 Luminescence dating of the loess/palaeosol sequence at the gravel quarry Gaul/Weilbach, Southern Hesse (Germany)
Tags loess, chronostratigraphy, luminescence dating, IRSL, fading, Weilbach
10 Seiten / englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a09 Pleistocene loess deposits and mollusc assemblages in the Eastern Pre-Alps
Tags loess, molluscs, upper pleistocene, dating, low mountain area, Vienna Forest
11 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a10 Investigating the chronostratigraphy of prominent palaeosols in Lower Austria using post-IR IRSL dating
Tags post-IR IRSL; fading; loess; Middle Pleistocene; Lower Austria
16 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a11 The Loess Chronology of the Island of Susak, Croatia
Tags radiocarbon dating, geochronology, Susak, Croatia, loess-paleosol sequence, IRSL dating
17 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no1_a13 Late Pleistocene-Holocene History of Chaco-Pampa Sediments in Argentina and Paraguay
Tags pleistocene, loess, holocene, pléistocène, chronology, morphology, Pampa, Chaco
15 Seiten / english / 2011-06-06
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a01 Depositional architecture and palaeogeographic significance of Middle Pleistocene glaciolacustrine ice marginal deposits in northwestern Germany: a synoptic overview
Tags saalian glaciation, elsterian glaciation, glacial Lake Weser, glacial Lake Leine, subaqueous ice-contact fans, ice-marginal deltas, normal faults, Hondsrug ice stream, north west Germany
24 Seiten / englisch / 2011-07-19
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a04 Casting new light on the chronology of the loess/paleosol sequences in Lower Austria
Tags loess, lower austria, langenlois, paudorf, göttweig, luminescence dating, Joching, Stratzing
8 Seiten / englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a06 Quaternary glaciation history of northern Switzerland
Tags glaciation, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, chronology, alps
24 Seiten / English / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a07 The Quaternary of the southwest German Alpine Foreland (Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Baden-Württemberg, Southwest Germany)
Tags pleistocene, glacial deposits, pléistocène, lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, deckenschotter, Rhineglacier, overdeepening
23 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no2-3_a09 An Outline of the Quaternary Stratigraphy of Austria
Tags glaciation, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, quaternary, alps, middle pleistocene, early pleistocene, late pleistocene, landscape evolution
22 Seiten / Englisch / 2011-07-22
Cover150_vol60_no4_a06 Zwei markante Stauchmoränen: Peski/Belorussland und Jasmund, Ostseeinsel Rügen/Nordostdeutschland - Gemeinsame Merkmale und Unterschiede
Tags pleistocene, pléistocène, push moraine, ne germany, structural elements, formation, Belorussia
24 Seiten / deutsch / 2011-11-17
Cover150_vol61_no1_a07 A permafrost glacial hypothesis – Permafrost carbon might help explaining the Pleistocene ice ages
Tags pleistocene, permafrost, pléistocène, ice ages, Milankovitch, insolation forcing, Siberia
9 Seiten / Englisch / 2012-05-11
Cover150_vol61_no2_a01 Late Quaternary evolution of rivers, lakes and peatlands in northeast Germany reflecting past climatic and human impact – an overview
Tags holocene, valley formation, late pleistocene, palaeohydrology, depositional change, lake- and groundwater-level fluctuation, mire
30 Seiten / Englisch / 2012-07-05
Cover150_vol61_no2_a02 Younger Middle Terrace – Saalian pre-Drenthe deposits overlying MIS 7 Nachtigall interglacial strata near Höxter/ Weser, NW-Germany
Tags lithostratigraphy, mapping, river terrace, saalian complex, Younger Middle Terrace, Wehrden-Niveau, Nachtigall 1 Interglacial, Older Middle Terrace, Reiherbach-Niveau, pre-Drenthe period, MIS 6, MIS 7, MIS 8, structural analysis, staircase-position, stackposition, Weser upper reaches, Albaxen subrosion structure, NW-Germany
13 Seiten / english / 2012-10-09