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Cover150_vol61_no2_a02 Younger Middle Terrace – Saalian pre-Drenthe deposits overlying MIS 7 Nachtigall interglacial strata near Höxter/ Weser, NW-Germany
Tags lithostratigraphy, mapping, river terrace, saalian complex, Younger Middle Terrace, Wehrden-Niveau, Nachtigall 1 Interglacial, Older Middle Terrace, Reiherbach-Niveau, pre-Drenthe period, MIS 6, MIS 7, MIS 8, structural analysis, staircase-position, stackposition, Weser upper reaches, Albaxen subrosion structure, NW-Germany
13 Seiten / english / 2012-10-09
Cover150_vol61_no2_a04 Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology of Terna River Basin in West Central India
Tags geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Lithologs of Quaternary sediments, morphostratigraphy, Terna River
12 Seiten / English / 2012-12-04
Cover150_vol62_no1_a01 A stratigraphic concept for Middle Pleistocene Quaternary sequences in Upper Austria
Tags loess, quaternary stratigraphy, Wels-Aschet, Oberlaab, landscape formation, palaesols
10 Seiten / Englisch / 2013-02-27
Cover150_vol62_no1_a02 Magnetic excursions recorded in the Middle to Upper Pleistocene loess/palaeosol sequence Wels-Aschet (Austria).
Tags pleistocene, loess, pléistocène, chronostratigraphy, palaeosol, upper austria, magnetic excursion, rock magnetic properties
8 Seiten / english / 2013-03-15
Cover150_vol62_no1_a06 Paudorf locus typicus (Lower Austria) revisited
Tags micromorphology, loess, lower austria, paudorf, middle pleistocene, paleopedology, landscape formation
14 Seiten / English / 2013-06-17
Cover150_vol62-no2-a07 Ice Age geomorphological Ahorn Valley and Ailsbach River terrace evolution – and its importance for the cave use possibilities by cave bears, top predators (hyenas, wolves and lions) and humans (Neanderthals, Late Palaeolithics) in the Frankonian Karst
Tags bavaria, cave, ice age, Ahorn Valley, Alsbach River, terrace evolution, bears, humans, Neanderthals, Late Palaeolithics
13 Seiten / English / 2013-12-20
Cover150_vol63-no1-a01c Climato-stratigraphic subdivision of the Pleistocene in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and adjoining areas
Tags pleistocene, schleswig-holstein, pléistocène, correlations, climato-stratigraphic table
16 Seiten / English / 2014-02-24
Cover150_vol63-no1-a02 Erwägungen zur Korrelation mittelpleistozäner Relikte des Rheingletschers mit der Nordschweizer Stratigraphie
Tags glacial deposits, chronostratigraphy, alpine foreland, glacial drainage, Rhine Glacier
25 Seiten / Deutsch / 2014-06-29
Cover150_vol63-no1-a05 Holotype skulls, stratigraphy, bone taphonomy and excavation history in the Zoolithen Cave and new theory about Esper’s “great deluge”
Tags stratigraphy, Holotype skulls, bone taphonomy, excavation history of the Zoolithen Cave, new theory about Esper's "great deluge"
21 Seiten / Englisch / 2014-06-29
Cover150_vol64_no1_a02 Chronostratigraphy of the Hochterrassen in the lower Lech valley (Northern Alpine Foreland)
Tags northern alpine foreland, middle pleistocene, luminescence dating, Hochterrassen, fluvial terraces
14 Seiten / English / 2015-06-12
Cover150_vol64_no1_a03 Late Pleistocene spotted hyena den sites and specialized rhinoceros scavengers in the karstified Zechstein areas of the Thuringian Mountains (Central Germany)
Tags late pleistocene, Ice Age spotted hyenas, den types, Thuringian Mountains, Central Germany
17 Seiten / English / 2015-06-12
Cover150_vol66_no1_a1 Life in Doggerland – palynological investigations of the environment of prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies in the North Sea Basin
Tags pollen analysis, Doggerland, North Sea Basin, basal peat, Pleistocene-Holocene Transition, hunter-gatherers
11 Seiten / Englisch / 2017-08-28
Cover150_vol66_no1_a3 Pleistozäne (elster- und saalezeitliche) glazilimnische Beckentone und -schluffe in Niedersachsen/NW-Deutschland
Tags niedersachsen, nordwestdeutschland, Elster- und Saale-Vereisung, Stauseen, Beckenton und -schluff
12 Seiten / Deutsch / 2017-08-28